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"Great game..." (Tgibbons18)

"I really like it, simple but fun ...I enjoy playing it" (Doofer911)

"This is hilarious and great and hilarious and fun and hilarious and awesome..." (zedidragon)

"...the puzzles are well thought out and make your brain work." (mrnjlw1090)

"This is a really good game" (LukasM)

This is a puzzle-platformer with a few twists. You control a bunch of soldiers at the same time, and it is their goal to die.
A lot of different interactive and sometimes deadly objects help you with your taks.

-    Innovative game mechanics
-    50 Levels
-    Progress is autosaved.
-    Easy to learn with varying gameplay
-    Bossfight
-    5 Environments (with changing daytime)

Install instructions

Just download and play. :)


Suicide_Mission.exe 6 MB

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