A downloadable game for Windows

"The interface and gameplay feel great. Well done."

(Pedro Carvalho)

"Loved it. That was hilarious! That ending..."


"Fun! Was so happy to return to the mansion ..."

 (Tyler Maxwell)

"I thought it was really good and funny!"


Green Tentacle moved out, because the Mansion is full of Maniacs. But he feels alone now. Help Bernard build a tentacle-girl for him ...

Install instructions

Download, install and enjoy. :)


datott_setup.exe 11 MB


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Is there a walkthrough available somewhere?
I've got 19 items in my inventory but can't find a cleaner or a way to open the door downstairs.

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Have a look at the books in the living room to get somethng that can work like a cleaner.
If you mean the door on the left next to the stairs ... use a hook that you find somewhere to unlock it.

I hope it helps. For the first half there is a walkthrough on YouTube further down in the comments.
Part two is here:

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I must admit I missed the hook but the book one is misleading.

Also, that playthrough is only like 1 step ahead of me. Your sister showing up should be flagged somehow, otherwise there's no reason to go in that room...

I found a walkthrough via Gamejolt though. Thanks.

Is there still any chance for a German translation and a re-release as a Maniac Mansion Mania episode? We of the MMM-community would be very happy to see this great game as part of our series.

As a massive fan of the original game, this really brought back some nostalgia, started a playthrough of this :)

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. :)