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Just letting you know there's about 3 typos I found. "Allright" and "Adress" being a couple.

Also, I had to play this with my gamepad because I couldn't figure out what the button for jump was on the keyboard.

Sorry, for the late reply: You can rebind all keys and gamepad buttons in the setting. :)

Good God does it take forever to get to the game!

That is the point. ;-)

It is my "comment" on the currrent state of games.

Don't worry. My next games will feature a setting where you jump right into the game where you left it last time ... without any intro screens or even the main menu.

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Fascinating what are the other tales from the chest games in  and good luck with your point and click adventures but one doubt will you let them be female and also have them remain naked without any clothing?

Also how do you get every  picture in the gallery

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AFAIK you didn't get the picture that is the last but one (the one) on the bottom left in the menu?

That should unlock automatically if you reach and watch the bad ending (Don't hit Alt+F4 before the unlock-sound rings).

Thanks let me hope that your point and click adventures will be  female and also have them remain naked without any clothing

and still one doubt how will I  unlock every nurse in the game and then undress them naked,how will I see a naked nurse in the credits and also give me a cheat to let me win this difficult secret level this instant. 

Hey, the game doesn't work. When selecting "New Game" and the tutorial ends, the game closes and this error window is shown (if you choose to skip the tutorial the result is the same):


Thank for the info. Please redownload. The original had a corrupted progress-file, preventing the game from starting.

It works perfectly now. Thanks for the quick response!